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Crovespa 2013


Hello Friends from Croatia !  :hap1:
I'm comming to Crovespa 2013 at Umag after the Vespa Meeting at Corfu this Year !
Is the Main Camping Stella Maris ?
If i have no Problems from the Way back from Greece, i will arrive on Thursday at Umag !  :vekac:
Is it possible to come on Thursday ?
And if you need help for something (packing the Bags, etc,)
I have time !!

Greetings from Hamburg ..


Hi. The main camping is stella maris. Most of saturday's program is happening there.
Send a pm to furio on the forum dwith contact details.

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Vespasian vespa club from belgrade is going to corfu. Our plan is to take a ferry to venezia and a small ride to umag!

Great !  :hap3:
So we see us at Corfu ! And have some Drinks with us !!  :bira:
I have a Silver GTS 250 with a Remus Exhaust and i think, with the only one German Numberplate ..

Greetings from Hamburg ..


No problem! We meet last year in Dubrovnik!
See you there!


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