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Cannonbal Vespa Race 2009
« : Petak, 19. Prosinac 2008, 14:02:35 »
hi folks,

we (organisation team of AUSTROVESPA 2008 ) want to invite you to partizipate "CANNONBALL VESPA RACE 2009" (

maybe you have someone who speaks german, if you have troubles with the text, don´t hasitate to contact us :

w´ll be glad to answer your questions asap!!!

would be nice to see some guys from your country at the "race"

we are driving on public roads from Mondsee (Salzburg) to Leibnitz  appx 400km.

it´s starts on the 26th of june (driver-instruction-meeting is obligatory for everybody) an the "race" happens to be on the 27th in the morning.......

big party in leibnitz!!!

hope the hear from your side !!!

best regards and nice x-mas and happy new year!!!


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Odg: Cannonbal Vespa Race 2009
« Odgovori #1 : Petak, 19. Prosinac 2008, 14:16:24 »
Hello Sigi,

I've received an email yesterday from Heimo Runggaldier and immediately informed all members here on our forum. We do have some self-called racers in our Club :D: and I do hope they will participate (or attend) in your event.

Good luck.



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Odg: Cannonbal Vespa Race 2009
« Odgovori #2 : Petak, 19. Prosinac 2008, 15:17:28 »
oh, fine.

i met heimo yesterday, but till then he hadn´t contacted you.......

would be realy fine to see a HR team (maybe winning  :tmbr:) starting.

we keep in touch :bira:



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Odg: Cannonbal Vespa Race 2009
« Odgovori #3 : Subota, 20. Prosinac 2008, 09:07:41 »

we decided to limit the maximum starters up to 150 scooters!!!

so don´t hesitate to long to join the freaky show  :old:


ps: if there is a starter from the island RAB, the first beer will be paid by me (it´s my favorite vacation spot, been more than 15 times there)

ok ok, also for the mainland buddys I´ll pay the first one, but only the first  :beer3:  :hehe: